What is HundredFoot? 

A business blog.

Where does the name HundredFoot come from? 

“Hundred-foot” is a phrase from The Midas Method book.

The author of the book believes that some of us struggle to achieve bigger things in life due to a fictional ceiling located 3 feet above our heads. It’s a representation of our dreams and goals being compressed by a lack of space we give to ourselves.

A hundred-foot height ceiling is what we should be aiming for. In other words think big, keep learning, make bold decisions and do not be afraid of pushing the “ceiling” higher and higher.

What’s your mission?

To generate materials that help business oriented people to grow side projects, businesses, and personal brands.

Who reads HundredFoot?

Wealth growth and knowledge seeking minds.

What makes HundredFoot different?

Focus on creating content that is of immediate use to the readers, namely, what they can do for themselves by themselves.

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