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Is La Estancia de Cafayate Worth Visiting?

La Estancia de Cafayate is a gated community in rural Argentina. It was developed as a kind of Utopia or Galt’s Gulch (as envisioned by Ayn Rand) for Libertarian oriented multi-millionaires. It is beautiful, has a golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, arguably the best gym facility in the world, several gourmet restaurants, and even a polo field with horses for the owners there. It has over 50 completed luxury homes. Most of the vacant lots have been sold. Americans seem to be the main owners.

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Can I Make Big Money As A Writer Or Composer?

Probably not! George Gershwin composer of Rhapsody in Blue and the Opera, Porgy and Bess was originally a composer of popular songs. His genre was called “Tin Pan Alley” Because his songs were so popular and he sold lots of sheet music, he was fairly rich and successful for his time. He wanted to merge jazz-pop-classical into a new art form. So he went to Europe to study composing with the leading lights of the time. The Beatles did something similar.

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What Is The Best Investment With Small Capital?

What is the best investment for someone with limited funds? First, stay away from all “get rich quick schemes pitched to you on the Net!” Read a few good investment books like those of Graham & Dodd for stocks or Think Like A Tycoon for real estate. In investing, if you take a big risk and are diversified, you will have a very big returns, but only if you are sensible and know what you are doing. On a "no-risk" investment (sovereign bond) you will have a guaranteed big loss after adjusting for taxes and inflation. The theory of the unwashed public and their foolish investment advisers is slightly different.

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Is Playing Poker A Good Career Choice?

Up until a while ago I would have said playing professional poker makes about as much sense as expecting to live off of regular lottery winnings. Then I met in Monaco a young kid, who was too young to play in his home country (USA) but won the Monte Carlo million dollar poker tournament. He had won other tournaments before this. He had talent!

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Is This A Good Time To Buy Gold?

The good thing about gold is that it is liquid — you can cash out immediately at any coin shop and many banks. Unlike stocks, bonds and paper money, it will always be worth something. It requires no care or management. You can stash it where only you have access. The price of gold over the years correlated closely with interest rates.

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Why Can't I Accomplish Anything?

Most of us want to accomplish something. But we never really get around to finishing it. Why? Consider the person we all know (maybe you!): We have been (for years?) planning to start a business. Planning is doing something. It’s action. But is it going to lead to the result we want? We can tell others about our dreams. As long as we’re just talking, thinking and planning we never risk failure. 

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Is It True That The Only People Who Get Rich Are Authors Of Get Rich Books?

This is the common belief of someone who got scammed once or twice on some unrealistic scheme like multi-level marketing. “The only people who get rich are the authors of those books.” Not entirely true. Some books are worthless. Some are not. But in any case, you can’t just read, or go to seminar after seminar. You need to get out into the real world and creatively do what experienced successful people have done.

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Is Owning A Profitable Business Stressful?

How much of your time will it consume? Every business, even if you are doing stuff you love, will have its stressful moments. Time is a variable. At one point in my life, I was owning and running a sort of detective agency, tracing missing heirs to unclaimed money and making well over a million a year. Later on I owned and ran other businesses.

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