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How Can You Sell A Property If You Don't Buy It First (Part 2)

You could become a Real Estate agent/broker and earn commissions for selling, but being a Real Estate agent/broker requires a few courses and a license. It is a full-time job that only pays well when the market is active and rising. It allows you to discover opportunities (bargain deals and partners) to build your own a Real Estate empire – it also requires a lot of work. Nothing wrong with working. But here’s the lazy man’s way to riches in property.

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How To Start Equipment And Machinery Supply Business

All over this country, in good times and bad, small manufacturing companies and other businesses are always going out of business. Others are just beginning. Some are relocating. Others are renewing their production facilities. Still others are discontinuing some production lines. This constant activity within the economy always means used equipment & machinery being scrapped, abandoned or discarded.

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How To Become A Distributor Without Initial Money Investment

In a Free Enterprise System, a Distributor is usually the person, or firm, that sells products for the manufacturer in a specific Sales territory. Manufacturers usually appoint distributors for their products in exclusive territories. The distributors appointed must be able to show that they are able to represent the product (make sales) in that territory.

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