How To Become A Successful Deal Maker?

Last Updated on October 5, 2020

Many people believe that they will be attacked by bandits or laid low by mysterious oriental viruses if they leave their precious (some even go so far as to call it ‘sacred’) home country. 

The truth is this, go abroad. Rent an apartment in one of the major European city for 6 months. Something wonderful will happen. You will gain new confidence and self-esteem. 

You’ll discover a whole new world! More economic opportunities and more interesting companions will come your way than you would ever find at home. 

As you see opportunities you can set up international business deals, taking a profit simply for putting people in touch. Other people do the hard work, while you use your intelligence.

As Ernest Hemingway said (to paraphrase): 

“On every corner and at every cafe table in Paris, there were extraordinary people living wonderful lives and telling me fantastic stories. It was truly a moveable feast.” 

You’ll find that there are many portable trades you can take up anywhere in the world.

One of these portable jobs is writing. 

Hemingway wrote his best-selling novels at sidewalk cafes in Spain, France and Italy. You can do that or with a lot less talent, create a highly profitable ‘e-zine.’

What’s that? An online newsletter of topical interest. 

Do you like researching wine, beer or baby carriages? People have made small fortunes simply by writing a weekly article (for online distribution) on these and myriads of other mundane topics. 

Once you have around 20,000 readers, you have a valuable subscriber base of customers for related goods and services. When you tire of working or writing, newsletters or websites that you started from scratch, they can be sold for very serious money.