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What Is the Term for a Person Who Was given Their Wealth?

“Scion” or maybe heir or heiress is a person who inherited their wealth rather than being self-made.

Generally, “old money” people have more affinity to other old money people than to the “new rich.”

The Nouveau Riche, are (often) crude, ill-mannered, show offs. Napoleon created a new aristocracy in Europe. “Old Guard” aristocrats didn’t think too much of them. When Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, many of the new aristocrats & monarchs were dethroned and the old guard was restored. Now many generations later, these aristocrats’ descendants are considered pretty classy people. It is common that people want to think they are “better” than others. The “Sons & Daughters of the American Revolution” or “Descendants of the Mayflower” (first white people in North America) have annual meetings but the rest of the world rarely acknowledge them.

As a self-made person I am more comfortable with ambitious people of accomplishment than with mere “old money.” That doesn’t mean that people who inherited money can’t be high achievers. Indeed, many are.

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