Is It Worthwhile to Strive to Become a Millionaire
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Is It Worthwhile to Strive to Become a Millionaire

Last Updated on August 23, 2020

Being a millionaire isn’t something out of the ordinary any more. A fairly ordinary home in many towns in the USA and Europe is worth over a million. The family home my dad bought in 1939 for $300 (yes three hundred dollars total) recently sold for $2 Million. However a million is the bottom rung of financial independence in most places, and maybe even “wealth” in the 3rd world.

So it isn’t the million euro, dollar or pound figure that’s important, it is Financial Independency is worthwhile striving for.

Why? No worries about rent, food, medical care. Or going out to eat at a good restaurant, putting gas in your car and a long list of things money can buy that may be important to you.

Having financial independence means having plenty of time to travel, you don ’t have to work at any job or activity you dislike, you can have a relatively stress free, healthy life with a waterfront home in the Riviera where you can always hear the sound of waves.

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