What Is Unequal Distribution of Wealth?
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What Is Unequal Distribution of Wealth?

Last Updated on August 23, 2020

When people hear about “Distribution of wealth” they think there is some greater power that distributes wealth but there isn’t. And there shouldn’t be.

If a caveman makes a couple of wooden clubs and stone hammers, and his neighbour in the next cave has none, is that “unequal distribution of wealth” and somehow wrong or immoral? No, it is the normal way things happen as in the baby story of Chicken Little:

Will you help me plant the seed? No!

Will you help me water the plants ? No!

Will you help me eat the fruits? Yes!

Sorry, No!

Anyway some people, usually because they made the effort, have more than others. That is unequal distribution on wealth. Is it unfair? No! Why? Because that is they way things are, and always have been except in communist societies which proved to not work very well for very long.

The mentally or physically disabled, should have a safety net. It used to be provided by the churches. In modern times, I guess it’s OK to have reasonable taxes provide this. Also, the passing on of unearned huge estates or unearned inherited titles, is something should be consider unfair. A person who earns wealth upon his demise should be able to pass on a level of comfort to his widow and minor children. But I am not against a fairly big estate or inheritance tax on huge fortunes. And the world has pretty well (and correctly) disposed of inherited aristocracies. How does unequal wealth affect society? Some people are jealous and they say, “let’s take everything from the rich and give it to the poor mainly me!” Others say “How did those rich people get rich? I want to do what they did and also be rich?”

Which attitude do you think is better for society and will produce more goods, services, and a better all-round situation?

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