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Is It True That the Only People Who Get Rich Are Authors of Get Rich Books?

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This is the common belief of someone who got scammed once or twice on some unrealistic scheme like multi-level marketing.

“The only people who get rich are the authors of those books.”

Not entirely true. Some books are worthless. Some are not. But in any case, you can’t just read, or go to seminar after seminar. You need to get out into the real world and creatively do what experienced successful people have done.

When I was young 65 years ago I read a book by a guy William Nickerson who revealed “How I made $1 million in Real Estate while working for the telephone company”. Not sure of exact title.

I followed his advice with a lot of my own variations, and over the next ten years I made a lot more than a million. Then I wrote books about my experiences. I don’t think Nickerson made more money from his books than from his real estate deals. I certainly did not. But my wealth certainly wasn’t instant.

There is no such thing as an infallible get rich quick method if you mean a month or two. You can make millions from one big deal where you sell 20 Boeing 707E airplanes and get a 2% commission. But I was never in a position to do that. But buying and fixing up houses in my own neighbourhood, that was easy.

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