How Do You Become Rich Without Becoming an Entrepreneur?
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How Do You Become Rich Without Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Last Updated on August 23, 2020

Step one would be to become very well known in a profession that makes a lot of money.

Partners in a major law firm can earn well over a million Euro a year. Same with securities traders in Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs. Likewise surgeons, psych-analyst and other medical specialists. All stressful occupations.

Obviously that sort of profession will take work and require a license or permit to be able to practice the profession.

Someone people would say a ”government job” but here is one better. The United Nations, some NGO & many European Union employees make well over €300,000 a year… as every country needs to be represented proportionally, if you are a resident or citizen of a small country like Nauru or Liechtenstein you have a very good chance of landing one of these cushy jobs. But there are also plenty of do-nothing, no work jobs in a nice office in Geneva Switzerland for everyone who sniffs around for openings. No licenses, no college degrees, no skills needed for these high paying appointive jobs.

Besides the outrageous salaries you get health care, travel , housing and other expense allowances.

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