Is La Estancia De Cafayate a Good Retirement Destination?

Last Updated on April 28, 2021

Is La Estancia De Cafayate worth Visiting

Summary ↬ La Estancia de Cafayate a dreamland for the ones seeking luxurious facilities, like-minded people, and remote peaceful location.

La Estancia de Cafayate is a gated community in rural Argentina. It was developed as a kind of Utopia or Galt’s Gulch (as envisioned by Ayn Rand) for Libertarian oriented multi-millionaires.

It is beautiful, has a golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pools. It is arguably the best gym facility in the world, several gourmet restaurants, and even a polo field with horses for the owners.

It has over 50 completed luxury homes. Most of the vacant lots have been sold. Americans seem to be the main owners.

I visited it personally. Observed that like all “idealistic” communities, getting all the owners to agree on anything was like herding cats.

There are arguments about what type of grass should be planted, how much should be spent on upkeep (and charged to the house and lot owners) etc.

As a result, and as might be expected, some of the owners are happy and others are not. Thus, it is like every other condo association I have known.

Some unhappy owners are selling out. New buyers are coming in. Houses are being built. However, as might be expected, the resale market for million-dollar properties is slow. The place is not easy to get to. The local airport serves only private aircraft. For some that is the biggest advantage.

The area is beautiful with famous “rainbow mountains.” Some world-renown wineries are in the vicinity.

La Estancia homeowners get a share in La Estancia’s own grape production. One rare delicious white wine grown on La Estancia is “Torrontes” which we understand is grown from a type of grape coming from Dordogne France. They said to be first brought to Cafayate around 100 years ago.

La Estancia seems to be perking along. To me, it was sort of a minor miracle to see such a successful luxury first-class development in the middle of nowhere.

It was inevitable that some owners would be very happy there, and others, less so. There is a Grace Hotel in the subdivision where prospective investors can stay “by the day or week” to check out the area.

Final Thoughts

I’d like the place for a vacation or retirement spot and a “last redoubt” in case the rest of the world goes to hell.

It is safe, peaceful, and has a great climate. Plenty of water and labor is inexpensive. A decent hospital is in the nearby resort town of Cafayate.

Interesting, intelligent, successful fellow owners. For long term stays, I like the urban sophistication and anonymity a big city offers. But that is my preference. Several of my good friends love the place.