What Does Freedom Is A State Of Mind Mean?

Last Updated on October 9, 2020

What Does Freedom Is A State Of Mind Mean

Quick Summary ↬ Keep yourself light, stay away from materialistic possessions. According to my friend waiter, you will become freer.

One of my highly intelligent Chinese friends was a low paid waiter in a restaurant who believed that Freedom Is A State Of Mind. I tried to convince him that he didn’t have the freedom to travel and go where he pleased.

Without money I felt you could not:

  • Eat what you want. 
  • Live in a nice place. 
  • Pay for medical attention. 
  • And/or have a lot of material benefits unless you made some serious money. 

My idea then, and still today was that money buys freedom. But some people don’t need or want money. They can eat whatever comes their way every day and sleep happily on the ground.

My waiter friend came back with “freedom is a state of mind.”  He claimed that he was freer than I was. He thought I was a slave to my possessions — which at the time was a lot truer than it is now.

Above all, the one thing I learned from him is to travel light through life. But I was no about to take a vow of poverty and be like him. He was a meditator and said his thoughts would take him everywhere he wanted to go. For a different missionary, I know a niece, in fact, all she needed was “faith.”

I listened and had to agree that for some people, “freedom could be considered a state of mind” and that they could be “free” even in jail.

Final thoughts

This philosophy didn’t work for me. Why?

Seems like I was more interested in the physical world, not just a mind trip. I want to be able to pay for medical attention if I need it. Yet I can see that non-pragmatic people have other points of view.