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How To Create Business Deals?


Keep your eyes open for good deals. The best deals won’t come from ads or brokers. They are created by you. Want a “for instance?” You look around your town for an empty lot or a derelict building in a good area. Then you buy it from heirs or people who don’t care about it. Then you develop it with other peoples money (or loans). You make “infinity” on no investment except of course, your time.

Photo by  Caitlyn Wilson  on  Unsplash

You can’t get rich working for a salary or an hourly wage. Never invest in stocks, deals or anything you don’t control. Odds are you will lose it. But it is easy to become a multi-millionaire if you make the effort. Most people are too interested in instant gratification or consumer things to ever get rich. Or in my experience, many people I knew, quit when they have reached their middle class comfort zone. Or when they get frustrated by obstacles or problems. You must never quit. Don’t set as your goal “I want to make money!” Your goal should be creating value, finding needs and filling them-- taking a few crumbs off the table along the way --- on your path to multi-millionaire status. I say “multi-millionaire” because a mere million dollar these days won’t even get you a studio apartment, without parking in places like Monaco. To live an upper middle class life, you need around $25 Million these days.

Guest post by W.G. Hill author of P.T.O.O. 2020 - Portable Trades & Offshore Opportunities