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How To Travel The World For Cheap


The idea of worldwide travel often brings to mind expensive airplane or cruise ship tickets, hotel rooms, tourist adventures, and hundreds more for food and incidentals. Travel is something that wealthy people do, right?

With some creativity and research, you can get out and see the world before your income matches a travel agent's expectations. In fact, travel these days might actually be more affordable than staying home.

Longer, Later, and Less

Transportation to your destination represents a large chunk of traveling's cost. Besides researching budget airlines, using accumulated points or miles, and signing up for discounts, you may get a better deal by traveling later in the day or in the week.

Once you have arrived, use transportation that takes longer to get from one place to the next. A rail pass gets you anywhere on a flexible schedule.

Make Yourself at Home

Forget the high-cost hotels and restaurant meals. Keep the travel costs low by using services like AirBnB and CouchSurfing. Really adventurous? Consider camping. Sharing or staying at someone's house also provides kitchen privileges, which can make eating on the road much less expensive. To counteract the cost of travel, consider offering up your empty space back at home to an AirBnB guest while you are off seeing the world.

Working Vacations

Can you travel for free? If you want to see the world and have very little money to do it, consider taking a job in a foreign country. Besides actually moving there and working for a specific company, which is hardly a vacation, there are also temporary opportunities for work or volunteering that may get you free lodging and meals, for example.

Do not wait until you have the "right amount" of money to travel the world and experience all it has to offer. You can spend your whole life trying to get there. Instead, think outside the usual travel box and find cheaper alternatives. You can see the world for less and grow rich in the experience and memories.