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How Can I Get An Equity In A Company That I Work For?


1. Check on employee stock option plans. Generally, if you can show your supervisor that you are an exceptionally productive employee you will be in line for some options commensurate with your contributions, if any. It would be small peanuts.

2. You can buy in — either for cash, or perhaps with your company retirement plan. It would be small peanuts.

How would I do it?

I’d start a little company making some product or service that was a logical acquisition. After my product or service became indispensable, I’d offer to trade my shares in my company, for shares in my old employer. I’d try to arrange things so I eventually took control. Or maybe I’d set myself up as an independent “Merger & Acquisitions Specialist” and I would bring deals to my ex-employer and take stock, rather than cash for my deals. I’d try to arrange things so I eventually took control.

You will never get anything by being an employee with only little routine tasks assigned to you daily. You have to arrange things so that eventually you are in control of things and are the Boss.

- W.G. Hill