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Become A Professional Finder And Earn Commissions


Forget the billions. How about $300? Not a big fee but it could be easy for you to do something like this. Reading an ad on Craigslist a reader came across buyer seeking antique Walt Disney action figures. He had seen a rubber Mickey Mouse at his local flea market. He sent an email and offered to take pictures of the item and put him in touch with the seller. He earned an easy $300 this way.

One Finder makes that much and more each year by just matching-up the wants and available in online or regular newspaper classified ads. Most people seeking things don’t look at the ads of people selling the same things. Strange but true! people who want to sell their stuff place ads but seldom look at ads of “wants.”

Some of the richest men in the world started their careers as finders. A friend of mine from Brazil, “Hank” today earns more on finder’s fees alone in a year than any working stiff can save in three lifetimes. Recently he approached a large farmer’s co-operative that was selling to a large American grain wholesaler. Out of habit, they were selling soybeans at well below the market price until Hank came along and said “Let’s cut out the middle-man. I will broker a deal for you to a Chinese buyer at the world market price for 1%.” The head of the farmer’s group said “If you can get us a solid offer and arrange all the details, we will give you not 1% but 20% of the extra added profit we make by not dealing with our present outfit.”

My dad used to say, “If it was so easy to make money on that kind of deal, somebody else would have done it.” Dad was wrong. A very few people see and take advantage of opportunities all the time. The rest go back and forth to work and are oblivious to any potentially good deals that practically punch them in the nose. It is just as easy to earn a multi-million dollar commission as a few hundred bucks. Most people are out of their comfort zone when they spot a really great opportunity. They procrastinate or talk about it to others until indeed, somebody else steals and seals the deal. If you see something that might work, ask for a contract in writing where the seller risks nothing, but gives you an exclusive right to bring in an offer and an agreed commission or finder’s fee for a reasonable period. You don’t need any license or permit to deal in commodities or big quantities of merchandise. You make a deal for a commission the same thing that a real estate broker or seller of consignment goods does.

Guest post by W.G. Hill author of P.T.O.O. 2020 - Portable Trades & Offshore Opportunities