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How Can You Become A Celebrity Photographer


If you carry your camera with you at all times, it is possible you'll get good saleable action-news shots now and then. Timely shots can be sold direct or through agencies to newspapers and magazine syndicates.   

A talented photographer friend of mine made a living by doing photo-biogs of show biz celebrities, often being paid by them to put together a portfolio of old and new shots for publicity handouts. Celebrities always have to market themselves. My friend, wrote to various celebrities that she was a freelance photographer and writer. She wanted do an interview photo-journalism feature story. She took the shots, did the story, and then offered to sell the photos to the subject. Usually they bought. Sometimes she sold the feature, sometimes she didn't.  

In some cases, the famous celebrity subject died or became involved in a major news event soon after the interview. In those cases, she made a bundle on her feature articles because they were syndicated all over the world. Suppose you had done the last interview and photos of Audrey Hepburn before she died, or an interview with O.J. Simpson the day before his wife was murdered. It often happens that just by doing your thing, you fall into situations that have an unexpected big payoff. Simply snapping away or getting live footage at the scene of a robbery, major fire or traffic accident can mean you pick up $25,000 in photo royalties.  

For putting bread on the table, suppose you see a sign that a hotel or restaurant will have its Grand Opening in two days. Why not offer to professionally record the event on video or with still shots and to offer public relations services by getting these shots into local papers and magazines. If the owner says no, then you offer to do it “free” in exchange for two meals for you and your partner. If the meals are $25 each, you pick up a trade value of $100 — not so bad for a night out where you may sell photos to the attendees, make contacts, pass out your calling cards and munch on free.