How Can I Make Money From Home After Retirement

Last Updated on August 23, 2020

How Can I Make Money From Home After Retirement

Retirement Income Ideas

To make a serious income while working from home, I think a good option is to become a consultant to wealthy people. 

I used to have 50 clients at one time. But once I retired, I decided to cut down my commitments, but keep my same income. 

Solution? I just raised my annual retainer fee from $1000 to $20,000. Lost all but my most wealthy clients. Anyone can be a consultant.

So if you are looking for an answer to “How Can I Make Money From Home After Retirement”…This is how you do it.

If you want to be a highly paid, sought-after consultant with more business than you can handle, here are several things to keep in mind.

You Must Have (or You Need to Gain) Some Special Knowledge and Expertise

People must want what you know, enough to be willing to pay you for imparting your special information and guidance. 

You Have to Market Yourself

That is, spread the word that what you have to sell is worthwhile and good value for the money. This step, otherwise known as “marketing to your target market” is something you must get right. Without good marketing, you will have no clients and no income. 

Learn Jay Abraham Marketing Techniques

For some free marketing tips and a pitch to take his advanced seminars, google “Jay Abraham”. He is a marketing consultant who gives advice to business people and holds $25,000-weekend seminars. 

He reportedly makes well over $5 million per year. I met him personally the year he started. How? With very long-winded classified advertisements offering his services in selling any products or services for a 50% contingent fee of new profits, he brought in. 

It Is Essential That You Are Both Discreet and Highly Dependable

You must deliver the information and benefits as promised, on time. When your customers need you urgently, you must be there for them. No excuses. You must respect confidentiality. Your clients won’t want their private affairs broadcast to the world, nor anyone. 

Don’t Give Them a Fish, Teach Them How to Fish!

what to do after retirement to make money

My approach, and what I recommend for you, is that you reveal hidden options to your clients—moves they probably never considered. 

The most basic example is that by merely leaving any given jurisdiction and internationalizing, one gets rid of lawsuits, government problems, and a restricted outlook. 

Just like a good music teacher, I never resent it when my clients achieve competence and can be left on their own. There is in fact, a severe shortage of good advice and guidance. 

In short order, my clients become their own Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants, plus just about everything else. The first step for most clients I advise is to overcome their irrational fears and jettison all past burdens, legal problems, debts, social obligations, and their unwarranted dread of the unknown. 

Consulting Is a Portable Profession

You can operate from anywhere (think tax havens) and advise by email or telephone. Harry, one of my old friends charges $3000 for a quarter-hour telephone call or email. 

Due to time restraints, he turns away more client inquiries than he accepts. Personal contact can be reserved for your high-net-worth, most interesting clients. Normally, clients will either come to you or pay for your first class travel to go and see them.

Client contacts are usually very stimulating and can be great fun. Sometimes they result in very profitable business opportunities. Having a few consulting clients, plus maybe another business, keeps you focused and on your toes. 

You never stop learning. When I like a new client, personal meetings are included at no extra charge aside from travel costs. Typically, we become social friends. 

These days, I take on a new consulting client only if I like them, if their problems and questions are intellectually challenging for me, and if my $20,000 retainer is something that comes out of their “small change” purse. 

In other words, I want only a very few, high quality consulting clients who are also fun for me. If you can get to that stage as a consultant after you retire, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Finally Consulting Is Generally Unregulated 

Anyone can be a consultant in almost any field without any permits or licenses. It can be done on the net or from any location, including tax havens like Andorra, Bermuda, Campione, or Monaco.