11 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon

Last Updated on July 21, 2023

Cool Things To Buy On Amazon

We wanted to put together some of the cool things to buy on Amazon that we have found are either surprisingly valuable for your daily life or just add that extra bit of fun to your home. We hope these items bring a smile to your face and maybe even one of those “a-ha” moments where you realize they could actually be great to have handy. So read on to see what our experts discovered on Amazon.

1. Universal Socket Tool

Universal Socket Tool

How often have you gone into your garage or toolset trying to locate that magical single socket to fit a tire or one of those oddly shaped pieces of furniture from IKEA? This genius device uses 54 individual steel spring pins that match whatever shape of screw you are trying to work with. 

It comes with 2 grips and a power drill adapter for all the gear heads in the crowd. The reviews on this device are spectacular and give you the feeling of being James Bond’s tech guy in the background, creating excellent solutions for the next mission.

2. Porcelain Measuring Spoons

Porcelain Measuring Spoons

Yes, we know measuring spoons do not seem like they belong on a cool stuff list, but hear us out. If you have any appreciation for the American Southwest or desert living, you will love these spoons in the shape of mini Saguaro cacti. 

Even the spoon holder is designed to look like a planter pot that can be lifted up for easy cleaning. The reviews are excellent, and this little collection adds an odd special personality that we think is perfect for making your kitchen stand out a bit more.

3. Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Go get this, like right now! You will be wrapped in a thick flannel blanket that you can wear just like a hoodie. Think Billie Eilish’s new wardrobe for a music video mixed with a onesy, and you get absolute comfort for vegging on the couch or next to a campfire. 

There is a reason why must have items like this have such stellar reviews. We all love to get warm and cozy while shutting out the world for a bit. 

4. Cutlery Holder Jumbo

Cutlery Holder Jumbo

When you read Jumbo, think elephant, not oversized item. While most people would shy away from animal-shaped kitchen devices, we think they are adorable. The reason this cutlery holder gets such a high rank on the list of our fun things is that it functions as a drain. 

You get the cute baby elephant appearance and a way to avoid the nastiness that often builds up in the bottom of regular holders. This unique holder is a great way to keep your kitchen clean and make your guests chuckle at the same time.

5. Push Up Board

Push Up Board

For the more physically fit in our audience, we present the versatile push-up board. You get a total upper body workout that can be folded up to take anywhere you want to go. This way, you can toss it in a backpack and extend your regular running appointment with a bit of professional arm, abs, back, and chest training. 

We were happy to add this to our cool Amazon products list because we know it will help those readers looking to boost the gains from their workout regimen.

6. Swinging Duck Car Hanging Ornament

Swinging Duck Car Hanging Ornament

Sometimes you want fun things in your life that add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise typical day. This ridiculously fun little duck is wrapped around a cord that hangs from your rearview mirror or anywhere else in your car. 

There is no way to avoid the smile as you speed up or come to a stop sign causing the little quacker to go for a jolly swing. It is the simple joys in life that brighten the day.

7. Giant Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

Giant Snorlax Bean Bag Chai

Even if you are not a massive fan of Pokémon (which we would ask, why not?), this oversized bean bag chair is incredibly comfortable. It makes an excellent gift for kids of all ages and quite a few adults as well. 

Just keep in mind this thing is enormous! We are talking more than 78” in total height. That is roughly 6 ½ feet of pure snuggling joy that will make most college basketball players feel child-like once again.

8. Retro Classic Mini NES Video Game Consoles

Retro Classic Mini NES Video Game Consoles

This is one of the best things on our list because classic games are cool. You get to reintroduce some of the greatest video games to ever come out to a completely different generation. 

It makes the perfect addition to a game room or home bar as a fun activity to enjoy while swapping war stories about the week’s corporate world with friends. With over 620 built-in classic Nintendo games, there is plenty to enjoy. The only reason the reviews are 4/5 is probably that you don’t get the nostalgia of blowing on the cartridge to make a game work.

9. Bartender Kit Cocktail Shaker Set

Bartender Kit Cocktail Shaker Set

Speaking of home bars, this Amazon must have is a complete set of everything you would want to craft mouth-watering cocktails straight from the Boston Bartender’s Guide

You can practice your skills at home to impress your friends for the next time they pop over requesting an Old Fashion or Fuzzy Navel. Everything is kept in a durable and aesthetically-pleasing wooden holder for convenience. This is an excellent gift for Dad around Father’s Day as well!

10. Temporary Tattoo Printer

Temporary Tattoo Printer

Who can forget plastering those plastic rub-on tattoos from the vending machines as a kid? Now you can up the game and test out how ink will look on your body without the immediate regret the following morning. 

This temporary tattoo device has over 8,000 unique designs through a mobile app that you can then program the printer to detail on your body. They are waterproof and last around 2 days before fading away as if nothing happened. Definitely a fun gift for teens in the house or to keep around at parties when everyone is feeling a bit more liberated in their decision-making! It has a 4/5 star review, but that is probably because the price is a bit steep.

11. Retro Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier

Retro Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier

The only reason this fantastic little device has a 2.5/5 star rating is that it is made from cardboard-like material. Otherwise, you get a taste of days gone by when you insert your smartphone into a box that looks just like a retro TV from the 70s through the early 90s. 

We think the quality is brilliant because it means you can fold the whole thing up whenever you are not using it. Our favorite time to use it is around the breakfast table when you want to enjoy the latest Netflix binge next to your stack of homemade waffles.

Final Thoughts

Thanks again for checking out our cool things to buy on Amazon list. So far, we have heard this is a great way to introduce new product ideas to our readers, so don’t be surprised if our researchers create another one in the future. Thanks for reading!

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