Amazon Hub Counter – Everything You Should Know About It

Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Amazon Hub Counter

Online shopping has grown in popularity, primarily because of the global pandemic. More and more people are looking to online retailers for their package delivery instead of relying on in-store experiences.

That has placed a higher demand on traditional mail delivery systems that are already antiquated, overburdened, and facing budget cuts. To provide higher quality customer service, Amazon Hub Counters were introduced to make online shopping delivery and returns more convenient and safe.

What is Amazon Hub Counter

These are a modern solution to challenging USPS and other traditional delivery stores. They provide a place for customers to receive their Amazon orders without visiting a secondary location.

This saves Amazon money by streamlining logistics and makes it easier for customers who want to pick up deliveries in the same areas as their usual shopping.

  • Amazon Hub Counter – is a pickup location where a staff can scan and retrieve amazon packages from behind a counter. They tend to be located in banks, coffee shops, convenience stores, fitness centers, general retail, government agencies, and supermarkets.
  • Amazon Hub Lockers – are the same idea, but self-service instead of using staff to operate. An Amazon delivery driver or an Amazon Flex driver simply drops off the packages in the corresponding locker. The customer picks them up whenever convenient.

Benefits of Using Amazon Hub Counter

  • These are incredibly convenient locker locations where customers tend to go already. You could go fill up your tank on gas and walk around the side of the building to a row of lockers or go inside to receive a package.
  • This also eliminates porch pirates who like to steal packages from your doorsteps, especially if you are someone that lives in a multi-unit apartment complex.
  • You have up to 3 days for a pickup window, offering you plenty of flexibility in your schedule to swing by a designated destination before or after work.

How the Amazon Hub Counter Works

The whole idea is to organize your Amazon pickup counter by designating those locations that make the most sense in your daily activities. The only catch is that these orders have to be fulfilled by Amazon directly, not by third-party providers. To use the system simply:

  1. Shop at or through your Amazon mobile application
  2. Select a locker or pickup location from the list available in your area
  3. You will receive a text/email when it has been delivered with a pickup code
  4. For counter pickup, that often includes a QR code or barcode to scan
  5. You can then either visit the self-service locker and enter in your code or show your barcode to the attendant at a counter
  6. The locker will automatically open, and you can receive your package

Amazon already has your address in your profile, so they know what areas to suggest for your delivery.

Keep in mind that non-Amazon locker locations are not qualified for delivery. You want to be sure the Amazon logo is on the lockers, and that it shows up on the map of suggested locations before committing. Many apartment blocks have boxes that tend not to be from Amazon, and that can be confusing.

If you are unsatisfied or need to return an item to Amazon, you can use the same location for an Amazon dropoff. During the return process on the website and app, there will be a code generated for you to type in or have scanned.

Amazon Hub Counter vs Locker

The significant difference between the two is based on self-service versus having an attendant working inside your pickup locations. The self-service kiosks are great but can be awkward if you have other people watching what you are doing.

The counter service is a little more secure because you are in a public place. Not to mention you can place an order for your favorite drink or pick up groceries at the same time you are getting your package.

Users Feedback (Pros & Cons)

Users love the convenience of ship to Amazon lockers and counters because they already use Amazon for so many things. The app is designed to ease mobile shopping and helps when you have a few items you may need but do not want to hit up a big box store.

Other pros include:

  • Avoid porch pirates
  • No need to wait and watch in case of bad weather
  • Hide items from other family members for gifts or surprises
  • Perfect for apartment complexes without doormen
  • Easy return process that acts as an Amazon drop box
  • No extra fee for using either service
  • Same day and one-day shipping is available in select areas
  • You have your own locker for deliveries. You do not share
  • Great way to show support for local businesses

Cons include:

  • Only available for Amazon fulfilled items
  • Must be valued at less than $5,000
  • Has to fit inside the locker and weigh less than 20 pounds
  • You cannot use it with subscribe and save items

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Amazon Hub Hours? 

It depends on the area where your Amazon pickup is occurring. Apartment block lockers are available 24/7, whereas those located inside different businesses will depend on those cafes, stores, and other locations’ specified hours.

What are Amazon Hub Locations? 

These are the specific destinations for Amazon drop box or pickup lockers and counters. They can be grocery stores, local businesses, coffee shops, gas stations, and more. You can find them when you check out in the app or on the website.

How Long Will Amazon Hub Hold My Package? 

It depends if you are using a locker or a counter. You have 3 calendar days (including the weekend) to pick up from a locker and 7 calendar days from a counter. Otherwise, the item will be returned, and you will get a full refund.

How Much Does an Amazon Locker Cost? 

They are entirely free to use. You still pay standard shipping costs as if the locker was your home address, but nothing additionally. That is why they are such a great way to receive your deliveries.

Is Amazon Hub Only for Amazon Packages? 

Yes, as of right now, the only items that can be delivered to lockers or counters are those fulfilled by Amazon. Third-party sellers do not qualify for this program because their delivery times are harder to predict.

Can I Return Items through Amazon Hub Lockers? 

Yes, not only can you return them, it is incredibly easy! You simply designate you wish to return an item on your account and then either enter the code or provide the barcode/QR code to the attendant. More info here.

What Items are Eligible for Delivery to an Amazon Locker or Counter? 

This is very similar to the USPS. You cannot receive items containing hazardous materials, and the package must fit into the locker. Anything more than 20 pounds or valued over $5,000 will be flagged as ineligible.

If the Amazon Locker is Available in My Apartment Complex, Will the package get Delivered there Automatically? 

No, you need to designate that you wish to use the Amazon Hub service during check out. That is the only way Amazon knows you want to receive a package to a locker or counter location. The delivery driver will only place your items in a locker if you have opted in for the service.

How To Find Amazon Locker or Counter?

Simply browse to and search by address or zip code. The returned results will show available locations.

Tip: Add Amazon Hub Locker address by scanning the QR code on the Amazon Hub Locker.

Final Thoughts

The point of Amazon Hub is to make life easier for Amazon shoppers. The company wants to empower buyers to use the Amazon click and collect service at a locker you enter a code or a counter where a barcode is scanned.

They provide a simpler, more secure, and more private alternative to receiving bulky packages in your mailbox, especially for those living in apartment buildings. So if you soon decide to buy some cool things on Amazon, why not give Amazon Hub Counter a try.

We hope this article has provided valuable insight into why using an Amazon Hub Locker or Counter is a great way to enhance your online shopping experience.