What Is Amazon Flex and How Does It Work?

Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Amazon Flex Driver

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a delivery service gig that allows you to make money by delivering packages for Amazon. It’s similar to DoorDash or Grubhub where you can pick up work as you please. You can sign up and get started in as little as one day by downloading the app and going through the registration process.

Amazon Flex App
Amazon Flex App

Is Amazon Flex Driver Job Available in My City?

Amazon Flex is available in over 50 cities in the US. If your city isn’t listed Amazon suggests downloading the app and letting them know that you’re interested in becoming the delivery partner. If they add your city in the future, they will let you know.

Download the Amazon Flex App

To begin the sign up process scan the QR code below or visit logistics.amazon.com/app/download-app to download the app on your mobile device.

Amazon App Download QR code
Scan to download the Amazon Flex app

How Many Hours Can You Get With Amazon Flex?

The amount of hours you can work varies based on your location, the season, and other factors, but you’ll typically be able to work between 25-40 hours per week. Most people work evenings, weekend days, and holidays, but it’s up to you!

Can Amazon Flex Be a Full-Time Job?

Honestly, no, Amazon Flex is not a full-time job. It’s more like an extra income opportunity or side hustle. If you want to make money with Amazon Flex full time then we recommend looking into other options such as Uber driving or Lyft driving where you can make much more per hour and work fewer hours per week.

How To Become an Amazon Flex Driver

Once you download the app you’ll have a series of videos to watch to learn best practices. They will then ask you for personal information on delivery preferences to identify where you can pick up packages.

Next, you’ll provide your tax and payment details. Lastly, you can choose the services area where you’ll pick up packages.

Requirements to Become an Amazon Flex Driver


Amazon provides delivery partners in all states except NY with commercial auto insurance at no cost. You are required to also maintain your insurance because this policy only covers you while actively delivering a package.


Those delivering Prime Now orders can use any car. Amazon.com orders require a 4-door mid-size sedan or larger. Trucks or cars with open beds do not meet the requirements. Motorcycles, bicycles, or scooters don’t meet the requirements either.


You need an android or iPhone that can download the latest Amazon Flex app. specifically an Android running version 7 or greater, with 2GB RAM or better. Camera with flash, GPS and SIM card. iPhones must be a 6s model or better, and requires iOS14 or higher.

Background Check

At the end of the application, Amazon Flex will run a background check before they approve your application – this can take up to two weeks. They use a third-party company called “accurate background” to check for prior criminal activity.

How Amazon Flex Works

Amazon flex works using what they call “delivery blocks”. In the app, Amazon posts delivery blocks as demand becomes available. If you are available for a delivery you can choose the delivery block and it will be added to your schedule. Once you complete all of the scheduled deliveries your hours will be completed.

What are Instant Offers?

Instant Offers is a feature when you are available to make deliveries. It’s like saying you are active and ready to take any deliveries. When you turn on the “Available Now” option you’ll be able to accept deliveries automatically. As these instant offers pop up, you will automatically add them to your schedule and make the deliveries.

What to Expect on Day 1

On day one you can expect the following. 

  1. The option to head to the distribution center will appear 1 hour before your delivery block. You can then check-in 15 minutes before if you are close enough according to your phone’s GPS.
  2. Pull into the center and follow signs for flex drivers
  3. You will scan your arrival code, and interact with Amazon employees to let them know what block you are there for.
  4. The employee will then guide you to a rack with packages on them
  5. You’ll then use the app to scan in all your packages.
  6. Delivery time! As you leave Amazon employees may ask questions about the quantity of packages scanned. 
  7. Follow the app and deliver your packages. The app is well-designed and keeps track of everything for you.

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay?

Amazon Flex offers very clear payment per delivery block. Standard blocks are around $18/hr. Large delivery blocks for larger vehicles pay more. 

There are different variables that can affect the pay of the Flex blocks, but some Amazon Flex blocks pay more depending on the demand Amazon deliveries are experiencing, the time of year, and how busy things are. 

How To Maximize the Earnings 

Some people report that when they see a block posted they let it age in the system for a few hours until the price for the job goes up. Obviously, the risk is that somebody else can snatch it for low pay first. This isn’t the best idea.

The demand for Amazon deliveries is high, so if you’re serious about making some extra cash, it’s important to grab what you can. Like many gig apps, Amazon Flex is made to incentivize people to pick up the gigs. 

Amazon Flex Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
    • It’s free to try.
    • Enjoy independent contractor status.
    • Schedule work time as it suits you.
    • It could be a weekend or part-time job.
    • Participate in Amazon Flex Rewards.
    • No heavy packages.
    • The stops within the blocks are close to one another.
    • Payment is received via direct deposit twice a week.
  • Cons:
    • Wear and tear on the vehicle.
    • You pay for the fuel/gas.
    • Available delivery areas could be too far from your ideal location.
    • It can be hard to get blocks.
    • Can be sent to unsafe areas.

Amazon Flex Alternatives


Does Amazon Flex Pay for Fuel

No, you’re an independent contractor so you are responsible for gas.

Does Amazon Flex Pay More Than Uber?

It depends, Uber has peak times where you will make more. With Amazon Flex you’ll know exactly what you’re going to make when you pick a block. People recommend to start with Flex and fill in the gaps with Uber.

Does Amazon Flex Pay Daily?

No, drivers can cash out Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Does Amazon Flex Give Bonuses?

In the past, when a driver works at least 20 hours a week in December they receive a $100 bonus. 

Can You Get Tips On Amazon Flex?

Yes, customers can tip the drivers.

What Do You Do With A Package You Can’t Deliver

If you can’t deliver a package, you have to bring it all the way back to the warehouse. If the warehouse is closed, you have to go the next morning by 10 am.

What Are Bluetooth Locker Deliveries?

This is an integration of the Amazon Flex App with Amazon Hub Lockers. You simply deliver the orders to the Amazon self-service lockers.

What’s the Difference Between Flex Logistics, Prime Now and Whole Foods Blocks?

Flex logistics includes only packages. Prime Now includes packages and food deliveries. And Whole Foods blocks are just for Whole Foods orders. Prime Now and Wholefoods blocks include food orders where Flex logistics do not. Amazon Flex is a warehouse pickup only option. Where as Prime Now can be warehouse, restaurant, or supermarket.