What Time Does Amazon Deliver

Last Updated on February 16, 2023

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Amazon has slowly become one of the most reliable methods of receiving quality goods from all kinds of suppliers. We rely on the international company for everything from soft ply toilet paper to the latest tech gadgets being spread all over social media.

Once we make a purchase, we are often left with the question of what time does Amazon deliver? Will we be at home or run the risk of local porch pirates stealing our carefully packaged and shipped items?

In general, Amazon deliveries will occur between 6am and 10pm in your local time zone, according to Amazon’s policies. Depending on your specific region or relative closeness to a distribution center, these delivery times could be much easier to predict.

When Does Amazon Deliver on the Weekends?

Amazon will continue its 6am through 10pm delivery schedule on the weekends as well. Sunday is the only exception. The company usually tries to stick to a 9am through 8pm schedule out of respect for the day of the week being more family-focused when people are not working.

Keeping a close eye on your tracking information is the best option. That way, you won’t receive any delivery attempted Amazon notices and instead arrange to pick up your package as quickly as possible from your mailbox, front doorstep, or other location.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver in My Area?

Amazon loves to make every function of its processes as routine as possible. That includes the delivery time of day sticking to that 6am-10pm schedule.

If you live in a busy city, you can expect to start receiving deliveries as early as 6-8am. If you live in a more rural location, then it will most likely be later in the day because there is more distance between stops.

This is the beauty of what Amazon Flex is for delivery options. Many local drivers will deliver to your area using this program to ensure on-time receipt of your packages.

What Time Does Amazon Start Delivering?

This is the interesting part of Amazon delivery. Technically, they start delivering as early as 4am because that is when most drivers will arrive at distribution centers to receive the packages meant for distribution.

However, you can expect your Amazon delivery driver to arrive around 6am at the earliest. A driver will typically knock, ring the doorbell, or send an alert through the App to let you know they are attempting delivery.

If your package requires a signature, you may not receive your items until you are at home or able to answer the door when a delivery is attempted.

What Times Does Amazon Prime Deliver?

Like all deliveries, a prime order will be no earlier than 6am and no later than 10pm. You will see in your online orders if an item is available for Prime delivery because it will say things like “receive items by 9pm the next day” in the notes.

In some test areas like Philadelphia, Dallas, Orlando, and Phoenix, customers can order items like those on our 11 cool things to buy on Amazon list all the way up to 5pm and get delivery in as fast as 5 hours.

Most other parts of the nation will allow you to place an order before noon and receive it no later than 9pm the following day. You need to check if it has that “Prime FREE Same-Day” or One-Day eligible marking to ensure you’ll get it quickly.

How Do I Know What Time My Amazon Package Will Arrive?

The easiest way to keep an eye on when your package will arrive is to use the Amazon tracking service. You can access this through your App or website where it says Track Package on the Your Orders page.

You can also receive delivery updates via the App notifications on your mobile device. This is a great preventative step to avoid porch pirates because there will be as little time as possible for your item to sit on your porch or front area.


How Long Does Amazon Take to Ship After I Place an Order? 

Most Amazon orders ship within 24-48 hours of receiving your order if they are in a distribution center. If you are ordering from a third-party seller, it could take longer, so be sure to reach the specifics on your seller’s profile.

How Late Does Amazon Deliver? 

You should receive your packages no later than 10pm Monday-Saturday and 9pm on Sundays. Anytime you get an order later than this, you may want to fill out an Amazon delivery complaint because that is when most people will be asleep.

What Does it Mean When Amazon Says “Arriving by 10pm?”

It means your order will be out for delivery that day and could be as late as 10pm at night. Most of the time, you will get it earlier, but there could be issues with the driver, traffic, or inclement weather, and Amazon wants a bit of a time buffer.

Who Delivers Amazon Packages? 

You could receive your Amazon items from full-time Amazon drivers or those part of the Amazon Flex driver program. In addition, Amazon partners with major delivery companies like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL to outsource some deliveries, or a seller could use a different method indicated in their profile.

Does Amazon Leave Packages at the Door? 

Yes, you can choose to have your packages left on your front porch, but most of the time, the delivery will be made to where you receive your mail typically. A great option is the Amazon Hub Counter or Lockers, which allow you to have a secure location to accept packages at any time of day – worry-free!  

Can You Change Your Amazon Delivery Time? 

Yes, but that doesn’t guarantee success. You can go to Your Orders and signify a different date and time, but if your order is already out for delivery, it may still end up on your front porch.

How to Contact Amazon for Missing Packages? 

You can call Amazon directly at (844) 311-0406 or use your App and choose the Problem with Order option to request a refund or indicate that your package never arrived at your location.

What Happens if Amazon Fails to Deliver on Time? 

Amazon will automatically refund any shipping costs if you do not receive your Morning, Same-Day, One-Day, or Two-Day delivery on time. You would have had to select a guaranteed delivery time on the product detail page of your item.

Wrapping it Up

What time does Amazon deliver will depend on the type of service you selected and where you live in relation to a distribution center. Amazon is well known to make the vast majority of deliveries on time and accurately, but there are methods for disputing a delivery in case of an error.

Hopefully, this clears up the Amazon delivery system so you can shop confidently for your next gift, personal item, or fun tech gadget!