24 Hour Stores Near Me

Last Updated on February 16, 2023

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Are there 24 Hour Stores Near Me?

Almost every city across the United States has a few 24 Hour Stores on standby for late-night snacking, fueling up your car, or getting the essentials when you’ve pulled an all-nighter at work or school. People love 24 Hour Stores because they are always accessible whether you have an incredibly early shift or just want to avoid the packed lines of big box stores.

The benefit of having a 24 Hour Store nearby is that you have continual access to the items you need in a pinch. They are great for helping with unique activities like an early morning fishing trip or going on vacation, and they have first aid supplies in case you accidentally take a fall at home.

The downside is that there is no set time for the employees to do stocking, so you never really know what is available. Even if they can get to it, there is usually a limited supply. Also, when you visit in the early hours, you never know what kind of other people you will encounter.

Reasons 24 Hour Stores stay open:

  1. Earn profit while employees stock the store
  2. Maintains a reputation with the local community as always available
  3. Creates the idea of stability and reliability to grow your customer base
  4. Helps keep the business competitive
  5. Great for customers with irregular working hours

24 Hour Superstore Near Me

Walmart storefront

Many of the biggest brand names around the country have moved to a 24 hour service model. These include:

1. Walmart

Walmart is a giant big-box retailer that sells groceries and home goods at some of the lowest prices available on the market.

Services: They tend to also have things like automobile services, financial services like money orders, a pharmacy, eye care center, and an excellent center for everything from tech gadgets to clothing.

Hours: Most Walmarts stay open 24/7, with only occasional closing holidays for a portion of the day. Please check the store locator as Walmart hours may vary by location. Alternatively, search for Walmart near you on Google Maps.

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2. Target

Target is another big-box retailer that has one of the best stock systems in the world for home goods and groceries. That enables the company to offer many unique products at excellent prices.

Services: They offer a range of services, from partnership pharmacies with CVS to financial services, eye care, banking, dental, and more.

Hours: Most Target superstores in big cities stay open 24/7. In smaller areas, they may have more restricted hours, like 9am – 11pm.

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3. Costco

This is a unique superstore that provides wholesale goods for consumers that wish to purchase items in bulk. There is a membership requirement in order to shop at Costco.

Services: A pretty well-known food court, eye clinic, financial services, tire change station, and photo area.

Hours: Most Costcos are open from 10am through 8:30pm. They are very family-oriented and try to maintain those hours throughout the year.

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24 Hour Convenience Store Near Me

7-eleven storefront

Most convenience stores that are open for 24 hours tend to be gas stations or pharmacies in heavily trafficked areas like Las Vegas or New York.

1. 7-Eleven

These may or may not have gas stations attached to them, but are most well known for their on-demand food, slushies, and quick-service items.

Services: Pretty much anything you can get at a gas station, like lottery cards, money orders, some on-demand food that can be quickly heated up, and drinks.

Hours: Yes, you can find many 24/7 7-Eleven stores throughout the United States and beyond.

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2. Circle-K

This is a wildly popular gas station chain in the West to Mid-West of the country with more than 3,000 locations.

Services: Fuel up your car, get on-demand food cooked to your custom options, and plenty of gas station features like the lotto, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Hours: This is a 24 hour business that is often surprisingly kept very clean.

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3. BP

If you are looking for the quintessential American midnight corner stores gas station, this is it. You can fuel up, grab a roller pin hot dog, and hit the road to your next destination at any hour of the day or night.

Services: Food, fuel, cigarettes, alcohol, lottery, restrooms, and drinks.

Hours: Yes, almost all of the more than 7,000 locations are open 24/7 for your convenience.

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4. Wawa

Wawa is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations with over 900 stores mostly found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Florida.

Service: Breakfast, Hoagies & Sandwiches, Salads & Bowls, Soups & Sides, Snacks, Wawa Ice Cream, Kids Meals, Drive Thru.

Hours: Most Wawa places are 24/7 with some exceptions. For accurate Wawa business hours visit Wawa near me.

What Grocery Store is Open Near Me?

Albertons storefront

It is a little harder to find a grocery store that is open 24/7 because not everyone wants to shop for groceries in the middle of the night. Most of the time, the people going to these food stores or asking how late is the closest grocery store open are coming out of a bar, barely awake from the graveyard shift, or getting ready for an early morning trip.

1. Albertsons

This is the largest grocery location in the U.S., operating a wide range of products from beer to frozen chicken feet in over 35 states.

Services: Financial services like money orders, copying, Coinstar counters, fax services, stamps, and lotto.

Hours: Most Albertsons operate from 7:30am to 8:30pm when not a 24/7 store. Those tend to exist in major cities or high-traffic areas.

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2. Kroger

This is an important grocery store to mention because it works closely with bakeries that accept EBT programs in over 35 states. Many people who use EBT work odd hours and need an open store at random times.

Services: ATM, money orders, high cash back value, and selling dry ice for all kinds of activities.

Hours: Usually, you can find a Kroger open from 7am to 10pm when they are not a 24/7 business.

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3. WinCo

This is a popular option for those living in the American Southwest with roughly 100 or more locations across states like California, Arizona, New Mexico, and more.

Services: Easy to get Western Union services, money orders, payroll cashing, Coinstar machines, and fax.

Hours: The vast majority of locations are open 24 hours a day.

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24 Hour Gas Stations Near Me

Cumberland Farms Storefront

Getting gas for your car or truck is an essential need at all hours of the day or night. This is because people work odd hours or have hobbies that often require driving when everyone else is asleep or just waking up.

1. Cumberland Farms

With more than 600 stores in operation across the Eastern seaboard, you’ll find all kinds of unique food and goodies inside these gas stations.

Services: Food, gas, alcohol, tobacco, lottery, and some ATMs.

Hours: Most locations are 24 hour operations.

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2. Exxon Mobil

This is one of the better-known gasoline brands in the U.S. because it was all over the news a while ago for some controversies. That made it a bit of a household name.

Services: Food, gas, alcohol, tobacco, lottery, and some ATMs.

Hours: It is a bit 50/50. If the store isn’t open 24/7, it will have excellent hours of 6am-11pm.

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3. Sunoco

You probably already have a Sunoco in your town. There are more than 5,000 U.S.-based stores, and almost all of them are open 24/7.

Services: Great quick food, gas, tobacco, lottery, restrooms, some showers, and ATMs.

Horus: Most are 24/7, and this is a popular “highway stop” brand that partners with other businesses like fast-food chains.

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24 Hours Liquor Store Near Me

It is not just the people looking for a quick nightcap that need a 24/7 liquor store. Many businesses rely on nearby liquor stores for restocking whenever there is a big night.

The availability of these stores will depend on your local laws. For example, in some states, you can access a drive-thru liquor store any time of day, while others do not allow liquor at all, and you must visit a state-run store.

1. Jewel Osco

This is primarily a Chicago-based business with liquor available for purchase at all hours of the day.

Services: Western union, money orders, pharmacy, wedding flowers, Redbox movie rentals, Coinstar, and cash back.

Hours: Either the full 24/7 or at least 6am to midnight.

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2. Woodman’s

Another great option for Chicago into Wisconsin, with a massive variety of options and a full-service grocery.

Services: Online shopping and pickup, oil change, gas stations, delivery, movies, and ATMs.

Hours: If it is a supercenter, it is open 24/7.

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3. BevMo!

This is a pure liquor store of around 148 locations from Arizona to California to Washington.

Services: Alcohol, cigars, accessories, and snacks.

Hours: 9am-8pm in most cases.

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Drug Store Near Me

It can be a big issue if you cannot access your medication or first aid equipment at any hour of the day. That is why many pharmacy corner stores and drug stores operate 24/7.

1. CVS

Probably the most well-known drug store with more than 10,000 U.S. locations.

Services: money orders, gift cards, alcohol, stamps, Covid vaccines, food stamps, and some healthcare services.

Hours: Most are now 247 access locations, with smaller, more rural areas being 7am-9pm.

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2. Rite-Aid

This is the smallest chain in the drug store battle, coming in at roughly 2,400 locations in 19 states.

Services: Drive-thru, seasonal items, photo printing, gift cards, cash back, and making copies.

Hours: It is about an even split between 24/7 locations and those open from 9am to 9pm.

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3. Walgreens

It is the second most well-known 24/7 drugstore operating in more than 9,200 locations across the U.S., even after Covid.

Services: Coinstar, some movie rental, Western union, liquor, photo printing, making copies, and some vaccines.

Hours: Again, a pretty even split between 24/7 locations and 9am-9pm stores.

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24 Hour Restaurants Near Me

Your local area may differ from national chains. For example, in Maine, there is Dysart’s, which is a diner that operates all hours of the day and night that most other states have never heard of. Ask around the local gas stations and drug stores, and you’ll probably get an excellent recommendation for a place to eat at any time.

1. Denny’s

This is an American staple chain restaurant with the theme of a classic diner. Many writers and filmmakers are well-known for sneaking a slice of pie at Denny’s in the middle of the night while writing.

Services: Breakfast any time of day, great pie, and made-to-order meals at reasonable prices.

Horus: Almost all are 24/7 accessible.

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2. McDonald’s

This is, without question, the most recognizable brand in the U.S., with more than 13,400 franchised locations.

Services: Fast food burgers, fries, shakes, and chicken sandwiches – don’t forget the nuggies!

Hours: If your local McDonald’s is not 24/7, it is because you live in a rural part of the world.

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3. Waffle House

One of the more unique things about Waffle House is many economists and FEMA workers use it as a barometer of whether or not an area is safe. If it is, then the Waffle House will be open.

Services: Breakfast any time of day with some other options. Great waffles and fried chicken.

Hours: 24/7, most locations across 25 states.

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Hardware Store Near Me

It can be a real challenge to find a 24 hour hardware store open near you because there is not a lot of demand in the wee hours of the morning. This is not the best for those DIYers that want to finish a project after or before regular work.

1. Home Depot

The major hardware retailer in the United States does have 24/7 hour stores in some major locations like Los Angeles and New York City.

Services: Tool rental, contractor help, window and carpet installation, key cutting, layaway, professional advice, and custom purchases.

Hours: Mostly 5am to 6-7pm, with the exceptions being major cities.

Find a Home Depot store using the locator

2. Lowe’s

This is the direct competitor to Home Depot, often setting up shop in the eye line of the other business.

Services: Tool rental, contractor help, window and carpet installation, key cutting, layaway, professional advice, and custom purchases.

HoursLowe’s only has a few 24/7 stores. Otherwise, it will be 6am to 8pm in most locations. They do offer excellent military discounts.

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Pet Store Near Me

There are most likely not any 24 hour pet stores available in your area, but we wanted to include them on this list because your precious pets have just as many needs as you do when it comes to food, play, and using the bathroom.

1. PetSmart

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, this is probably the most well-known pet store in the U.S., featuring more than 1,500 locations.

Services: Grooming, pharmacy, pet hotel, pet care, pet tags, adoption, and personalized items.

Hours: 9am to 9pm at most locations.

2. PetCo

This is almost identical to PetSmart, with more than 1,500 locations and headquartered in San Diego. A fun note is that this company’s stock market symbol is WOOF.

Services: Grooming, pharmacy, pet hotel, pet care, pet tags, adoption, and personalized items.

Hours: 9am to 9pm at most locations.

3. Tractor Supply Company

This is an excellent rural pet store that offers everything you could need to operate a farm, including feed and major supplies.

Services: Tool rental, large animal advice, tackle, feed, personalized equipment, and farm animal gear.

Horus: Expect around 7am to 6pm to match most farmers.

Furniture Store Near Me

You will be hard-pressed to find a 24/7 hour furniture store near you. Most likely, you will end up at Walmart or Target, but just in case, here are a few good regular options.

1. American Signature

This is a Midwest-based furniture company from Columbus, OH that operates in about 18 different states.

Services: Delivery, trail runs, custom installations, rent-to-own, and custom coloring.

Hours: Most showrooms are open from 11am to 8pm, with extended hours on the weekend.

2. Ashley Furniture

This is actually the top manufacturer of custom furniture in the world, second only to IKEA. You have most likely heard a commercial from the brand due to the more than 20,000 storefronts in over 123 countries through retail partnerships.

Services: Delivery, tracking, online shopping, custom orders, some installation.

Hours: Customer service is open from 6am-6pm, and most showrooms are open from 11am – 8pm.

3. Crate & Barrel

Even though there are only 89 stores across the U.S. and Canada, the furniture brand has made quite the name for itself by being featured in many mainstream songs and movies.

Services: Custom orders, delivery, removal of old pieces, some installations, and trade-in program.

Hours: 8am-8pm and closes an hour earlier on the weekends.

24 Hour Stores Near Me Wrap Up

No matter if you need a quick snack after a long night of studying or to fuel your car up on your 3am commute to the city, these 24 hour store locations should serve you well. It is incredibly convenient to be able to shop at odd hours because there tend to be fewer other shoppers in your way, and you can get in and get out with what you need in less time. We hope this list helps you find everything you could want at a moment’s notice. Happy shopping!