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Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Wawa store marked on the map

Whether you need a few quick items for around the kitchen or are preparing a wonderful get-together of friends and family, Wawa has what you need. Knowing where to find the best Wawa near you is incredibly easy. We have put together an excellent resource for answering “where is the closest Wawa near me”.

Wawa Stores & Gas Stations

Wawa is an American chain of convenience grocery stores and gas stations located along the East Coast. It gets its name from the Ojibwe word for “goose” and provides some of the most delicious food you can find when you get a little hungry.

Many new to the chain ask themselves why do people love Wawas and why is Wawa food so good. The answer is incredible food, fresh coffee, clean stores, and exceptional customer service. You can view a bit of what food is available from the Wawa menu.

Wawa Store Locator Search

Store Locator Search Tool
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The Wawa official website has a store locator feature that allows you to search by city, address, zip code, or store number. This way, you can find the nearest Wawa location to wherever you are at the time.

You’ll be able to track down those convenient Wawa stores along your next road trip or for when you are on vacation and need a quick way to stock your rental cottage with delicious foods. Most of these locations are like other 24-hour stores and are open for the majority of day and night.

Wawa Near Me Stores on Google Maps

Google Maps Wawa Stores
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Google Maps is another fantastic resource for locating Wawas in your area. Not only will you be able to get directions for navigating a new city to your local Wawa, but Google includes the contact information (phone, email, etc.) as well as the hours a specific Wawa store is open.

That way if you find one location nearby, but it is closed during regular business hours, you can easily search for the next closest option.

Wawa Near Me on the Mobile App

For those searching out a Wawa near me on their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices, there are brand-specific applications. You can download the Google Play Store Wawa app or the app for Apple users.

Not only can you find the Wawa locations near you, but you earn rewards for frequent visits, order food before you arrive, browse the menu, and even pay at the counter using your mobile app and Wawa gift cards.

Wawa Mobile App
Wawa Mobile App

Wawa Future Store Locations

If you have never had the fun of exploring a Wawa before, keep an eye on the official “coming soon” feature from the convenience store and gas station company.

You can learn about future locations where new Wawas will be opening, including any near you. This is an excellent resource if you love the convenience store and have always wanted one to come to your community.

Wawa Rewards Program

Part of what makes Wawa so unique and popular is the comprehensive rewards program. This allows you to collect bonuses and cash equivalent rewards for spending on all the delicious foods and products available from Wawa.

This is also the primary system to be used when paying through the Wawa mobile application. You simply scan your Wawa number, pay for your items, and earn rewards.

Wawa Alternatives

Wawa Contact and Support

This convenience store and gas station company is renowned for high-quality customer service. If you have a question about finding a Wawa location or any of the other features the stores provide, you can reach out to the official customer support by phone by calling 1 (800) 444-929. You can also submit a question through the headquarters contact form available on their official website.

Final Thoughts

Wawa is a wonderful location for convenient and delicious foods, quick service items, and necessities for your home. You can fill up on gas and coffee all in one convenient, clean, and friendly location. Hopefully, this article has provided you with the insight and resources to find the closest Wawa store near you.