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Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Burlington Store

Burlington Stores

Finding a quality Burlington store has never been easier. We put together the best resources so that you can get the clothing, accessories, and warm coats you need for home, work, or finally, taking that magical vacation. With such low prices for premium goods, there are many customers who need to find a Burlington nearby to where they live

Burlington Store Locator Search

Burlington Store locator tool
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When searching for the nearest Burlington to your current location, you can use the company’s native store locator. This allows you to enter your city, state, or zip code and a general radius of how many miles you wish to search.

So if you are located in Boston but want to find a Burlington within 25 miles of your city, you would enter “Boston” into the first search box and then select “25 miles” in the drop-down box that follows.

This is also a handy resource for viewing current operating hours, store details, directions via a link to Google Maps, and if any specials are happening at that specific location. Be sure to watch out for any holiday closings, so you do not waste a drive.

Burlington Near Me Stores on Google Maps

Google Maps Results for Burlington Store
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Using Google Maps to track down the closest Burlington to where you are located is a great decision. Not only will it generate the fastest route for you to travel, but Google has up-to-date hours and location data, so you do not end up across town only to find the Burlington you wish to visit is closed for a holiday. Many users try Google Maps to find everything from 24-hour stores near me to their favorite retail establishments like Burlington.

A Google map is also good for avoiding traffic accidents or road closures so you can get to your favorite Burlington with as little hassle as possible.

Burlington Grand Openings!

If you have ever been curious to see where a new Burlington is opening next, you should check out the updated Burlington grand opening page. This is a fantastic resource for seeing all of the numerous up-and-coming locations of Burlington all over the United States.

In addition, there is an easy-to-use interface map that allows you to zoom in/out and get accurate location data for any store you wish to explore as it comes online. It can be exciting to see when Burlington is opening close to where you live instead of having to drive a distance and make a day out of it.

Burlington Alternatives


1. Can you online shop at Burlington?

Burlington Stores has closed its e-commerce site, this is due to a small share of sales, ~0.5%, that the online business was generating. Michael O’Sullivan, the CEO of Burlington has pointed out that their customers prefer the treasure hunt in physical shops so that’s what they are going to focus on.

2. What is Burlington store known for?

Burlington is a popular American retail department store that sells discounted (off-price) clothing and accessories. It used to be known as Burlington Coat Factory because of the wide variety of warm weather coats available.

The retailer is currently the third largest discount department store, closely behind TJ Maxx and Ross, and is headquartered in Burlington, NJ (not Vermont like the popular online myth).

3. What time does Burlington close

To find out what time does the Burlington store near you close, please use Google Maps or check the Burlington store locator tool.

Final Thoughts

Currently, there is a Burlington in all but 5 states in the U.S., and that includes the one in Puerto Rico. Most of the time, there is going to be a Burlington near a major city, but if the demand is high enough, you will find them in more rural locations with access to a highway or interstate.

Burlington was started in 1974 and is still going strong because of the cost-savings advantages of shopping there for you and your family. These resources will help you locate a store near you so you can check out all the latest inventory. Happy shopping!