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Last Updated on February 16, 2023

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Here you will find all the resources needed to track down any Staples locations you may need for your office, home, or school needs.

Staples Store

Founded in Framingham, MA, Staples is an American retail company focused on office supplies, copy/print services, and other business services. It has been operating since 1986 and is the current leader in office supplies, closely followed by Office Depot – the leading competitor. There are over 1,000 Staples stores scattered all over the United States.

Staples Store Locator Search

Staples Store Locator Tool
Click on the image to access the store locator

To find the closest staples to your location, give the online store locator a try. This is the official store locator created by the Staples company that allows users to search by city, state, zip, or even store number.

The search results typically include hours of operation, address, what specific services are offered at that particular Staples store, and the distance from the search criteria you entered.

Staples Store Directory

Sometimes a broader search by state is a more effective method to find the Staples locations in your general area. With this Staples store directory, you can check the number of individual stores in a state as well as how close any may be to your current location.

This helps whenever there may be a closure, holiday, or specific services you wish to locate. Simply click on the state or territory listed above, and a list of stores will automatically populate.

Staples Near Me Stores on Google Maps

Perhaps the easiest way to go is to use Google Maps on a PC, laptop, or mobile device. This not only provides you with up-to-date information on the location-specific hours of operation, but also any potential road blockages or traffic that could prevent you from accessing that location. Google Maps will provide you with an accurate and real-time set of directions to reach the Staples of your choosing so you can get the necessary office supplies you need.

Staples Mobile App

Not only does the easy-to-use Staples mobile application provide you with the closest Staples to your location, but it also acts as a reward system. With this app available on both iOS and Android where you can track your online orders, scan products in or out of the store, redeem various rewards you may have accumulated and even view the floorplan of the Staples you wish to visit, so you’ll know where your favorite products are located.


What are Staples opening hours? 

Most Staples locations open their doors at 8am so that businesses working regular working day hours can get access to supplies before they start their day.

How to contact Staples Customer Service? 

While you can always use the search services mentioned above, there is also a national Staples customer service hotline you can use by dialing 1(800) 333-3330 or visiting the online customer service which includes live chat, email, and more.