Costco Near Me – Ways To Find The Closest Store

Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Costco Near Me

Well, it’s probably that time when you need a few quick items for around the house or maybe a larger quantity of something like… toilet paper? – this wasn’t picked randomly, Costco’s most popular product is toilet paper.

Anyways, we have put together this resource to help you locate the nearest Costco store to enjoy your shopping. 

Find Costco Near You With a Store Locator

First on the list is Costco Store Locator. Probably the most useful and accurate tool to find the nearby Costco Wholesale.

Click on the image to access the store locator

You can run your search using City, State or Zip code. The tool will display the direction and the store details such as opening hours, available departments or services, like the food store, because who doesn’t want that cheap $1.50 hot-dog while on the shopping spree, right? 

Costco Store Directory 

Number two method to get you to the closest Costco store is the Store Directory. This lists every Costco store grouped by state and territory. Click on the state to get further information.

  • Alabama (4)
  • Alaska (4)
  • Arizona (18)
  • Arkansas (1)
  • California (134)
  • Colorado (14)
  • Connecticut (8)
  • Delaware (1)
  • District of Columbia (1)
  • Florida (30)
  • Georgia (16)
  • Hawaii (7)
  • Idaho (7)
  • Illinois (23)
  • Indiana (8)
  • Iowa (4)
  • Kansas (3)
  • Kentucky (4)
  • Louisiana (3)
  • Maine Maryland (11)
  • Massachusetts (6)
  • Michigan (16)
  • Minnesota (13)
  • Mississippi (1)
  • Missouri (8)
  • Montana (5)
  • Nebraska (3)
  • Nevada (8)
  • New Hampshire (1)
  • New Jersey (21)
  • New Mexico (3)
  • New York (19)
  • North Carolina (10)
  • North Dakota (2)
  • Ohio (12)
  • Oklahoma (3)
  • Oregon (13)
  • Pennsylvania (11)
  • Puerto Rico (5)
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina (6)
  • South Dakota (1)
  • Tennessee (6)
  • Texas (36)
  • Utah (14)
  • Vermont (1)
  • Virginia (17)
  • Washington (32)
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin (10)
  • Wyoming

Costco Store Near Me on Google Maps

Next, is the old, well known method of using Google Maps. This tool will get you the fastest route for you to travel and other useful information such as opening hours, busy hours and store contact information. 

Click on the image to access Google Maps results for Costco stores nearby

A bonus for using Google Maps is information on road traffic and accidents. Get to your favorite Costco near you with as little problems as possible.

Find a Costco Nearest Warehouse on the Mobile App

The final method to get you to Costco is their Mobile App. 

With this app available on both iOS and Android you can get information on the location of the stores nearby but also access to your receipts, membership card, promotions, shopping list and special events. 

Costco New Locations Coming Soon

We thought it would be worth including the future Costco locations. Why not make a note and visit one if it happens to be build close to you. 

You can learn about future locations where new Costco will be opening.