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Last Updated on February 16, 2023

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We provide the latest tools and methods to find a Safeway near my location so you can enjoy incredible food any time of year.

Safeway Stores

Safeway is an American supermarket chain that has been operating hundreds of stores since 1915. It was recently acquired by Albertsons but still functions as an independent grocer. The store is named after the slogan “Drive the Safeway, but the Safeway,” which means not getting into debt from store credit.

This is a fantastic chain of supermarkets known for fresh ingredients, heated foods, and complimentary services like Starbucks, banking, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Safeway Near Me Store Locator Search

Safeway Store Locator
Click on the image to access the store locator

The quickest way to find directions to Safeway is to first find any stores near your current location. An excellent tool for this is the corporate store locator. All you need to do is enter your address, city, state, or zip code to populate a list of stores near your location.

This site also uses a map so you can track out directions to the closest location. In addition, you’ll see details for hours of operation, contact information, and store number for each result.

Safeway Near Me Store Directory

Sometimes you need to find the total number of stores in a given region or state. Whether you are preparing a family dinner or a local neighborhood event, you can use the Store Directory to find all the Safeway locations nearest where you are prepping food.

With this directory, you click on the link of the state you are visiting and then any optional city/region to narrow down the different Safeway Store locations nearest you.

Safeway Near Me Stores on Google Maps

Google Maps
Click on the image to access Google Maps results for Safeway stores nearby

A popular method of searching for Safeway Stores when you’re on a mobile device is using the Google Maps app or website. This gives you up-to-date store information like contact numbers, addresses, hours of operation, and store numbers. You also can see detailed directions to the nearest Safeway via bus, walking, riding a bike, or driving your car.

These are in real-time, so you can re-route if needed due to construction or a car accident. Google Maps works best if you allow location services while you are using the application.

Safeway Near Me on the Mobile App

If you enjoy using apps, try the native Safeway mobile application. This way, you can get the best individual store location data and hours, as well as promotional updates, to save a few bucks while doing the weekly grocery shopping.

You can even find items carried at your favorite Safeway location and build a shopping list to make things easier when you arrive.

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What Time Does Safeway Open Near Me?

Most Safeway store locations open at 6am every day of the week. You may want to use one of the methods above to verify this before visiting.

What Time Does Safeway Close Near Me? 

This varies wildly depending on your location and local demand. In general, Safeway stores close between 10pm to 12am.

Who Owns Safeway? 

In 2015, Safeway was acquired by the same investment group that manages Albertsons, a competing grocery chain. As a result, they are now symbiotic in their business relationship with Albertsons as the parent company.

Is Safeway Open on Christmas? 

Yes, Safeway stores are open on Christmas, but they will have shorter hours so the workers can enjoy the holiday with their families.

Is Safeway Open on Thanksgiving? 

Yes, like Christmas, the store will be open, but probably with reduced hours of operation.