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What Is The Best Investment With Small Capital?

What is the best investment for someone with limited funds? First, stay away from all “get rich quick schemes pitched to you on the Net!” Read a few good investment books like those of Graham & Dodd for stocks or Think Like A Tycoon for real estate. In investing, if you take a big risk and are diversified, you will have a very big returns, but only if you are sensible and know what you are doing. On a "no-risk" investment (sovereign bond) you will have a guaranteed big loss after adjusting for taxes and inflation. The theory of the unwashed public and their foolish investment advisers is slightly different.

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Is This A Good Time To Buy Gold?

The good thing about gold is that it is liquid — you can cash out immediately at any coin shop and many banks. Unlike stocks, bonds and paper money, it will always be worth something. It requires no care or management. You can stash it where only you have access. The price of gold over the years correlated closely with interest rates.

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