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CAMPIONE - Unique Semi-Autonomous Swiss Enclave Your Next Place Of Residence

CAMPIONE - Unique Semi-Autonomous Swiss Enclave Your Next Place Of Residence


Campione is a unique semi-autonomous Swiss enclave (or Italian exclave), to be more correct. Located entirely within Switzerland yet separate from Switzerland, Campione is not subject to Swiss laws, Swiss taxes, or Swiss tax treaties. It also escapes the most burdensome rules and taxes of Italy.

Campione a strange accident of history, geographic anomaly, and climatic freak that will continue to be a useful low profile, safe residence and tax haven in the coming decade. In this extended report you will learn about the cost of living, tax matters, residency or investment opportunities.

The author of this report, W.G. Hill is the world's leading expert on personal tax havens, citizenship and residence matters.

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Dr. W. G. Hill, a former American citizen, entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, author and inveterate traveler, was influenced by the concepts of Harry Schultz. He had found a winning formula on which to base his future. In 1989, after years of living a PT lifestyle and fine-tuning many new ideas, Hill wrote the first definitive book on the subject, entitled "PT". This valuable work discusses the essence of the philosophy and is definitely recommended reading for anyone who aspires to a free and uncompromising way of life.