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Commodity Trader Marc Rich Should He Be Your Role Model?

Commodity Trader Marc Rich Should He Be Your Role Model?


Very often, commodity prices are regulated or set by governments. Commodity traders can and often do make vast fortunes in a single day by using their contacts and brains to figure out clever ways to circumvent these government regulations. But the most important thing in any business is probably cultivating the right contacts.

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Dr. W. G. Hill, a former American citizen, entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, author and inveterate traveler, was influenced by the concepts of Harry Schultz. He had found a winning formula on which to base his future. In 1989, after years of living a PT lifestyle and fine-tuning many new ideas, Hill wrote the first definitive book on the subject, entitled "PT". This valuable work discusses the essence of the philosophy and is definitely recommended reading for anyone who aspires to a free and uncompromising way of life.