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How To Become A Flower Broker

How To Become A Flower Broker


Learn how the author of this report came up with an idea to start a plant sale and florist business. Learn how to locate people in your area who grow plants. Make connection with various florist shops in your area. Run a classified ad online or your local newspaper and make small fortune by becoming the local flower broker.

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About the Author

Dr. W. G. Hill, a former American citizen, entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, author and inveterate traveler, was influenced by the concepts of Harry Schultz. He had found a winning formula on which to base his future. In 1989, after years of living a PT lifestyle and fine-tuning many new ideas, Hill wrote the first definitive book on the subject, entitled "PT". This valuable work discusses the essence of the philosophy and is definitely recommended reading for anyone who aspires to a free and uncompromising way of life.