Think Like a Tycoon – How to Make a Million in Three Years or Less

distressed properties for sale
“Getting rich is fun. More fun than being rich. That’s why we’ll start with a game” – W.G. Hill

– The Tycoon Mentality

– How to Profit from Inflation

– Acquiring Financial Independence

– The Stock Market, A Game for Fools

– You and Your Banker

Buying and selling is one of the easiest ways to make a fortune—and buying and selling distressed Properties is one of the surest ways to achieve that goal.

This timeless classic by Dr. Hill was written in 1990, but most of the basic concepts on property trading still apply.

The potential of making money by buying and selling property is unparalleled—no other business venture offers as low risk and as high returns. You can start with absolutely no capital and build yourself an empire.

Now you, too, can learn from the infinite wisdom and knowledge of Dr. Hill’s practical advice. In Think Like a Tycoon, he sets out his two-year plan to financial independence.

Follow his detailed guidelines, and in just three years you could be a millionaire, too.

Product details
Author: W. G. Hill
Length: 340 pages
Edition: 1st Edition 1990
Publisher: Scope International
Language: English
ISBN: 0-906619-27-0
Format: eBook (PDF)
Table of contents
1. The buck starts here
2. The tycoon mentality
3. How to profit from inflation  
4. Acquiring financial independence      
5. The stock market – a game for fools  
6. You and your banker  
7. Fuzzy-thinking
8. Your first investment property      
9. Get yourself organised  
10.  Finding super deals  
11.  Negotiating tips and ploys  
12. The magic question  
13.  Buying property without money  
14.  Managing property and problem tenants  
15.  Partnerships can make you rich  
16.  Extra hints and tips for property tycoons  
17.  Inflation can make you rich
18.  New directions
19.  How to live tax-free (and stress free) for the rest of your life
20.  The tycoon’s reading and resource list   
21.  A special message from the co-author
About the Author
Dr. William G. Hill, entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, author, and inveterate traveler, was influenced by the concepts of Harry Schultz, who had found a winning formula on which to base his future. In 1989, after years of living a PT (Perpetual Traveler) lifestyle and fine-tuning many new ideas, Dr. Hill wrote the first definitive book on the subject, entitled “PT.” His valuable work discusses the essence of the philosophy and is highly recommended reading for anyone who aspires to a free and uncompromising way of life.