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Think Like a Tycoon

"Getting rich is fun. More fun than being rich. That's why we'll start with a game" - W.G. Hill

  • The Tycoon Mentality

  • How to Profit from Inflation

  • Acquiring Financial Independence

  • The Stock Market - A Game for Fools

  • You and Your Banker

  • more...


Think Like a Tycoon
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Think Like a Tycoon
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The Midas Method
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The Midas Method
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“My twin brother and I have actually accomplished things that have been waiting forever to get done. More ebooks and reports please”  

- By Vasan

“Had I read Think Like A Tycoon before my career as a RE investor started I would have made a little fewer mistakes, lesson learned, thanks guys“

- By anki83

“I have read all the books by W.G. Hill, the Think Like A Tycoon is certainly one of the best, if you are interested in Real Estate, this is must read book.“  

- By SJread